Our results

* Only one centre in Yishun. JumpStart do not choose students based on results.Small class of fewer than 14. Yet over the years, our students have consistently produced excellent results that are beyond their own expectations.*
Top PSLE students of schools :
2004: Top PSLE student of Northland Primary School :Ng Yung Hian (Aggregate: 277)

Yung Hian (extreme left) Top PSLE student of Northland Primary School with classmates and Ginn Chua
2009: Top PSLE student of Yew Tee Primary School : Yeo Yihui (Aggregate : 272)

2015: Top PSLE student of Yishun Primary School : Teo Rui Shan (Aggregate : 271)

2016: Top PSLE student of Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School : Akshaykumar (Aggregate : 275)

Work with us to achieve the Best for your child!
JumpStart Interactive Learning Centre has been in Yishun for about 12 years. During these 12 years we see the struggles children go through and the problems parents have in helping their children. We have the opportunities and privilege of watching the children under our care grow and develop as unique individuals.
We are grateful to our parents for giving us a chance to share the ups and downs of helping their children through their growing years. Most of the students and their siblings stay with us for more than 2 years; and some for as as long as 6 years.
Thanks to the supportive and appreciative parents that we have, JumpStart grew from 3 students in 2003 to about 200+ students in 2016. The majority of our students were referred to us by our parents. Most of them come from Yishun and Sembawang. However there are some who come from as far as Punggol, Jurong and Bukit Panjang. We have students from different schools such as Yishun Pri, Jiemin Pr, Chongfu Pr, Ahmad Ibrahim Pr, Raffles' Girls' Pr and ACS Junior.
JumpStart Interactive Learning Centre is a learning centre that focuses on helping the child get better grades and ensures that the child develops into a happy and confident individual.
* The centre has resources and facilities that enable students to learn through interesting and
interactive lessons.
* For less than $100 per month for each subject, your child will learn, grow and develop in a
nurturing and supportive environment.
Enrol your child in JumpStart Interactive Learning Centre where teachers, HODs and principals send their children to!

Azmi was in Primary 4. He is in Sec 4 now and is in our Upper Sec English class.

From left to right
Casey, Zhi Jia, Yung Shee, Hui Shi, Yung Hian
Casey failed her Maths in Primary 1. Today she is in Sec 3 Express stream. Zhi Jia has been with us since P3 and is now in Anderson Secondary School and she takes Sec 2 Maths and Science in JumpStart. Yung Shee was with us from Pr 3 to Sec 3. Yung Hian, the top student of her school has recently been offered scholarship to study International Studies in Korea.