Each year only about 40% of the cohort achieve an A or A* for each subject. Is your child among them?
Can your child confidently score an A or A*in the PSLE and yet enjoy his or her childhood?

Learning is a journey for your developing child and the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is an important milestone in the child's life.
* At a tender age of 6, your child enters the primary school.
* At age 10 or primary 4, his/her results will decide if he/she will take a subject at the foundation
   or standard  level.
* At age 12, he/she sits for the PSLE.

Why is the PSLE performance important?
The PSLE results will decide
* the course your child will be in for the next 4 or 5 years;
* the secondary school  your child will be in.

Not every child gets to attend the 4-year course in a secondary school. Based on the PSLE, about 60% of the PSLE cohort will be streamed to a 4-year special or express course. The other 40% will be streamed to a 5-year normal academic, 5-year normal technical course or others. Only about 6 out of 10 students gets to attend the 4-year secondary education.

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